When we pick an online casino to play on, we tend to look first at the range of games on offer and the various bonuses and deals that we can take advantage of as we play. That is only natural – after all, when gambling online, our minds will always gravitate towards questions of making money and the enjoyment of the game. However, there are other vital considerations that we need to bear in mind, and these include whether your preferred payout methods are supported.

What casino payment methods are out there?

Modern online gamblers have so many options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money with online casinos. You can, of course, still send and receive money via wire transfer to and from your bank account. And, you can also make deposits by cheque. However, in recent years there has been a real explosion of online payment methods. PayPal may still be the most famous, but there are literally hundreds: a Neteller casino withdrawal is one option for example, or maybe you would like to make a Skrill casino deposit or open a Ucash casino account?

Why it pays to check that your preferred payment method is accepted

There are two main considerations to think about here. These are convenience and cost, and they will be discussed in turn.

It is more convenient to choose a casino that already supports your favourite payment method

In short, it can be a real hassle opening a Skrill account just so that you can play at a particular casino. But, if you already have a MoneyBookers account and everything is set up to sync seamlessly between MoneyBookers and your bank account, it makes sense to just keep that account and look around to find a casino that supports it.

You can save money by using certain casino payment methods compared to others

When choosing an online casino and investigating payment options, it is crucial to look at the fees associated with different payment methods. It is normal for casinos to charge fees whenever you withdraw money from your account, and these fees can differ from payment method to payment method. For example, at a certain casino, it may be cheaper to make a withdrawal straight to your bank account than to your PayPal account, as the commission may be higher for a PayPal withdrawal.

NB: the question of time

Another consideration that you might want to bear in mind is that it often takes casinos different amounts of time to process deposits and withdrawals to and from different payment providers. So, if time is of the essence with you, it is definitely worthwhile using the payment method that will take your casino the least amount of time to deal with.

Check for glitches!

Finally, do check out the online reviews of the casino you are thinking of using and see what current and former players say about their financial experience there. If users report that payouts were always made smoothly and on time, then all is well and good. But, if it seems that there are frequently glitches or delays with the payouts then it may be a good idea to choose a different casino.

Conclusion: payout is influenced by a network of factors

When choosing a casino it is always a good idea to ensure that they support your favoured payment method. However, there are other factors in play which can influence your decision including the commissions that the casino takes on payments depending on the payment method that you use, the reliability of the casino when it comes to financial transactions, and also the time that it will take for your payment to be processed with a given payment provider.