Online casinos offer their players many incentives, and a wise player will learn which free offers are the best for them. Free spin bonus games on reel slots tend to offer frequent wins, compared to free video slot bonus games like Pick to Win, for example, which offers a small chance of winning a big prize. Each player will have to decide which he or she prefers: small, regular wins or a long streak of paying into the machine with the possibility of winning a life-changing sum. Here is a quick look at the various types of video slot bonus games on offer:

Free spins

These are the most popular type of online casino slot games bonus on offer. The free spins bonus game is easy to play – just spin as usual – and is, as the name implies, free to the player who can collect any winnings without having to pay for them *. Free spins add excitement to the game, along with the pleasure players feel when being given something for free. The games sometimes use the regular reels as used by the paid-for games, but they can also feature wildcards and unusual symbols, not seen on the usual game reels. Free spin bonuses are great as they allow all players – even those playing on the lowest levels – a chance of winning the biggest jackpots. This means that player interest in the game stays high, no matter which level of play is being enjoyed. You can also play for long periods, with enough bonus spins, without needing to pay in any more money. However, it is also possible to play for a long time without any wins!

Mystery bonuses

These are games which suddenly announce a win without the usual criteria for winning being met. These mystery prizes are programmed in to add interest to games that might pall after a while. The win might be triggered after a certain number of spins, after a certain time, or even after certain number of coins have been played. The chance of winning a mystery prize is a great draw as everyone loves the chance of winning unexpectedly!

Skill games

Some video slot bonus game offerings are aimed at players who want to use their own gaming skills rather than trusting to the machine to offer them the best odds. These games of skill are becoming more popular in recent years and designers are beginning to use them as incentive rounds. This accustoms players to the new modes of play, and also allows the designers and online casino owners to garner valuable feedback on which games (or even aspects of the game) work best, so that they can tweak the game and get it polished before it becomes part of the general game board.

Spin the wheel

Weighted against the player, but still a chance of winning big – still a sweet temptation. The impression of control offered by the physics engine is misleading – random number generator is used. This is a good thing if you mess up your spin!

Progressive jackpots

As the name implies, progressive jackpots increase in value with every round. This can be nerve-racking, but also thrilling and these games are excellent for adrenaline junkies looking for a buzz! Playing progressive jackpots require a cool head and steady nerves, but can be very rewarding as you play your way through the various levels.

Pick to win / pick to match

Some people are convinced that, especially with online casino slot games, the house will always win, and that, even if they pick the jackpot’s square or symbol, they will somehow be cheated out of their prize. Rest assured this does not happen. With these games, your choices do matter – the jackpot really is under one of those mysterious icons! – but there is no strategy or pattern that can be used to hit the top prizes regualrly. The prizes are randomly assigned to a position at the beginning of the game and will not move, whether that place is chosen or not. Prizes can include cash bonuses, in-game awards or tokens, or even access to bonus games and launch events

* Do check the terms and conditions of your online casino for amounts that must be wagered before winnings can be claimed as these vary from site to site.