Since being able to play roulette online, the popularity of this traditional casino game has gone from strength to strength. Live dealer roulette in particular, has given everyone the opportunity to experience an authentic game in real time. Live dealers in UK online casinos create a friendly atmosphere where even timid players can find the confidence to interact through typed onscreen messages.

Roulette In UK Online Casinos

One advantage of playing roulette online is that games are available twenty-four hours a day every day. There’s an incredible range of choice with online casinos offering tables with high and low limits and a variety of streamed Immersive and Prestige broadcasts that include sophisticated camera angles. You can choose to play European or French Roulette or enjoy Speed Roulette with spins of only twenty-five seconds instead of fifty. If you search hard enough you might even finds Double Ball that has two balls in play.

Playing Roulette Online

Roulette is a game of chance where players compete with the casino to predict the outcome of each spin. European Roulette is the standard game in UK online casinos with a 2.7% house edge that gives players a much better chance of winning than the 5.26% of the double zero American version. Another popular version is French roulette with La Partage that allows players to keep half their losses if the ball lands on zero. But whichever version you choose, there’s more to roulette than waiting for fate to determine whether you win or lose.

Taking Advantage Of Roulette Rules

Everyone plays roulette online hoping to win more than they lose, but battling the house edge needs patience and discipline. There’s nothing worse than erratic, impatient play to destroy your bankroll. Using careful observation and a strategy such as the systems outlined below, could lead to success and become your own speciality.

  • Dealer Signature – A few spins will highlight how the dealer aims the ball. If it regularly ends up in the same area, cover bets in that section and you could soon be on your way to beating the house edge.
  • Standard Deviation – A simple strategy relying on probability eventually levelling the results. For example, if black has appeared more often, you can bet it will be red’s turn next.
  • Martingale’s Technique – Also known as the Mayer Technique, this requires you to keep doubling your losing bets until you eventually win. Your final success should be large enough to cover your losses, providing your nerve and your money last long enough. In the reverse, bets are doubled after each win but players must stop after a loss, as in the case of standard deviation, all good things must come to an end.
  • D’Alembert Roulette – A theory based on the likelihood of the next outcome being different to the last. After each win, keep your stake the same, but if you lose, double it. The reverse, Contra d’Alembert, recommends doubling each winning stake but halving when there’s a loss.
  • Fibonacci – This has a starting point on number 1 to the right of the centre. If you lose, choose the next number in an anti-clockwise direction. On winning, choose one two places away in a clockwise direction, with each bet being the total of the two numbers that are in the anti-clockwise direction. For example the numbers 3 and 8 add up to 21, the amount you bet.
  • La Bouchere – If you aim to win £20 on outside bets, divide it into five as 3,4,6,4,3. Bet the total of the numbers on the edges, in this case £6. If successful, then bet the total of the numbers towards the middle, £8. If successful again, bet the central amount on evens outside. If you win again, you should break even. The reverse concentrates on losses and recommends stopping when you’ve reached a set limit.
  • Revoli System – This concentrates on placing even outside bets. Every time you lose keep to the same stake. Whenever you win, double your bet, but once you’ve won three in a row, revert back to your original stake.
  • Oscar’s Grind – This ensures a flow of small wins. Keep bets to a low minimum until you lose then double it. Once you reach a profit revert back, but triple it if you’ve had a run of losses. It should result in a profit amounting to your original bet over time.