Online casinos are big business. Make a quick search on the internet and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of competitors, the scope of games available and the sophistication of their graphic design. Why such a huge market you may ask. Well, an online casino offers many benefits over your traditional brick and mortar variety, mainly due to the added convenience of playing at home, the ability to multi-task and the wide variety of exciting games to play at the simple click of a mouse. Yet there is an even more practical means of online gaming: mobile casinos. Where online casinos host gaming software for users to play at home on a laptop or pc, mobile casinos (or mobile integrated online casinos) allow you to play from a handheld device such as a smartphone or a tablet, opening up wider possibilities of playing on the move, during a commute or around the house. Here we look at why you should be looking to include mobile casinos in your gaming setup.

The Pros of Mobile Gambling

Mobile devices lend themselves very well to casual online casino gaming. Their useful interactive features such as touchscreen technology and handheld capability makes gaming fun and dynamic. Aside from this accessibility, mobile gambling offers a far less formal environment for play, meaning that you can simply sit back and enjoy the challenge of online gaming without the stresses of a real world casino or being tied to your desktop. This convenience is ideal for playing on the move, when waiting in line or stuck in a traffic jam on public transportation. Given the huge popularity of mobile gaming now in the UK, you can also expect a large variety of games to choose from, be it slots or poker, or dice games and roulette. Choosing your mobile host, however, can be a bit of a minefield, as you can choose between either the “instant play” features of online casinos found simply through your handheld device’s internet browser, or mobile casino apps which tend to be more intuitively mobile friendly.

The Cons of Mobile Gaming

It is no secret that many online casinos limit the options available on mobile devices when compared to desktop options, simply because the software is not there. This doesn’t make mobile gaming any less interesting. In fact, this limitation enhances mobile gaming by ensuring that the game run smoother and more appropriately for handheld devices. Nevertheless, this limitation gives gaming a distinctly “mobile” feel which is far removed from the aesthetic of a traditional casino, if that is what you are looking for. You should also be careful with data intensive mobile apps when playing online, as this could run up serious costs if playing via your mobile networks rather than wifi. Furthermore, if you are playing on the go and reach an area with spotty wifi and mobile data coverage, you will find yourself frustrated. Lastly, mobile casinos could encourage a more connected access to gaming 24/7, raising concerns regarding addiction or problem gambling. Be sensible, safe and secure, and mobile gaming is a great outlet for online play.

Choosing Between Apps or Instant Play

If you are looking to get into mobile casinos, first you need to ensure your chosen online casino is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. Some casino operators offer mobile apps only on certain operating systems, be it for Windows phones, Android devices or Apple’s iPhones (and their tablet counterparts), while larger casinos offer mobile apps for many if not all three. Although you can still access games through the “instant play” feature of your chosen online casino, if you want to experience the most intuitive and interactive gaming experience, you should choose an app that is compatible with your device. Additional considerations when playing on your mobile include the level of betting limits that are on offer. By looking at both the maximum and minimum stakes, you can choose a wager limit that best suits your individual budget so you are not frustrated in the long run. Lastly, because mobile games are developed to be relatively fast paced, it is good practice to take extra caution in understanding the rule and betting lines of each game before playing. Otherwise, you could see yourself losing money over simple mistakes and misunderstandings.

Things To Consider Before Play

As with any and all online casinos, ensure that you look over the terms and conditions of your mobile casino before you play. While it can be very tempting to reach straight for the “I Agree” button, you should read over conditions thoroughly to ensure you are informed. Checking a casino’s history, reviews and online presence is also good practice before starting, as is reading through their regulation requirements, payment methods and timeframes. With that said, mobile gaming offers a wonderful and convenient gaming experience so long as you understand the pros and cons we have outlined for you.